Interview with a Real-Live Model

Happy Day-After-Election-Day!

Well, my sister in law Michelle is pretty much the nicest person I have ever met (besides my other sister in law. Go figure.), and she is a real-life model and commercial actress.

 She is also super trim-tight-skinny, which makes every girl jealous (but not the hate-jealous. She is so stinkin' nice, you can't help but love love love her!). 
I sat her down (well I sat down; I can't be sure if she sat down, since it was a phone interview), and listened to her mush about her job, health, and fiancee. 

So, what is your job, exactly?

Michelle: Haha, I do commercial modeling and acting in Los Angeles. It's freelance work, which means it's sporadic...sometimes I work six days a week, and sometimes only one; it depends! My agent will usually call the night before and I have to be out in L.A. by four or five A.M. the next morning, and the day can last anywhere from 4 to 15 hours. It keeps me on my toes!

How did you get into the entertainment business?

Michelle: I started when I was about fifteen, and my mom would pull me out of school to do background work in commercials, movies, and TV shows. It wasn't that glamorous, haha, I put in a lot of hours without much payback. After high school, I took acting classes and found an agent. I slowly got into modeling, as I started to get calls for photo shoots, but I didn't really pursue it .  Now, I do it nearly full time, and I love it! I have the best job. 


What is the most memorable commercial job you have had?

Michelle: Well, there was this one commercial where we were filming at Six Flags Magic Mountain, and we had to ride the same roller coaster over and over again! It was seriously crazy. I mean, I love roller coasters, but when you are riding one over and over again for hours...whew! Oh, man, just thinking about it...

Ha! That is crazy.On another note, we can all see that you are beyond gorgeous and have a great figure. Do you watch what you eat?

Michelle: Honestly, I have always been naturally thin; for the longest time I didn't have to watch my diet, or exercise, or any of that. Lately, however, I noticed that my body is changing (aka my metabolism is slowing down now that I am older), and so for the past few months I have made some healthy lifestyle changes. I drink more water, substitute fries with a salad or broccoli, eat more fruit, and limit my junk food. I also bought a gym pass with Casey!

That's awesome! Tell me a little bit about how you and Casey met. 

Michelle: We met at our church. I remember after service one night everyone went to Red Robin, and I saw him and thought he was really cute. It's crazy that we are now engaged! 

How cute! How did he propose?

Michelle:  He did a scavenger hunt all around Orange County, and left notes/gifts at our favorite places. He proposed on the cliffs in front of the Montage Hotel in Laguna Beach. We both love surfing and the beach, so it was perfect.

You guys have been together for a LONG time. Do you have any good relationship advise??

Michelle: Well, we both put God first, and we always try to put the others' needs above our own. This is so key, because it ensures that we both feel respected and loved! We also laugh a lot, and make sure to have a lot of fun together. It keeps things "fresh". 

I love that. You guys are doing real-estate together, right? 

Michelle: Yes! We recently began doing real-estate in Orange County, and we love it! It has really taught us how to be a team, and work together. Selling houses has been a lot of fun, even though it's "work". I love helping people find their perfect home!  

Well, there you have it, folks: 
an interview with a real-life model, actress, real-estate agent, and all-around beautiful person inside and out. 

Just goes to show you, looks aren't everything.


Happy Travels,



  1. Hi There! Beautiful Blog! I am a new follower of yours from the GFC blog hop. I will be looking forward to your blog!


  2. such a fun interview! and u're not kidding, how can you hate your sister in law!! she is gorgeous, but the more you read her answers the more you can tell she's just as beautiful inside, her and ur bro make the CUTEST couple!! thanks for sharing this! :)

    1. Thanks Cait! I love your blog and I have been a long-time follower, so it totally surprised me to see your comment!

      Thanks for reading :)