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Sponsor Swap

I love meeting new friends and getting the word out on great blogs, so if you're interested in swapping buttons here's the down low:

  1. Please email me at
  2. Include the month in the subject for which you're wanting to swap (ex: January Sponsor Swap)
  3. Include a paragraph about you, your blog, and anything else you'd like to include
  4. Don't forget to attach a picture of either you, your blog or your logo
  5. include a code for a button 200 px wide and no larger than 200 px in height
  6. Your button will be up by the first of the month, so look out for it!

A few details...
*Sponsor swaps last for 1 month. If you'd like to stay a sponsor all you have to do is email me!
*I love finding new blogs that are different than mine and have different goals, but I'll reserve the right to deny swapping if a certain blog doesn't fit with my personal morals or conduct.