Fitness History: 

I studied classical ballet my entire life and majored in dance at CSU Fullerton, until a few injuries prevented me from continuing my future career in dance. I taught yoga and Pilates-style classes for a while at CSUF, until I graduated and it didn't make sense to drive to campus and park (college students- you know what I mean!) to teach a 1 hour class.
I still do yoga and Pilates on a consistent basis (future plans consist of getting my certification in both), although now I also incorporate running, spin, and pylometrics into my weekly roundup of work outs.

But mostly, I'm addicted to Pilates and yoga.


Some other things: 

I am married to an awesome guy, Joel, and we live in the O.C. 

I have quite a few siblings: 

I LOVE watching Crossfit, although I refuse to lift a weight heavier than 15 pounds. Perhaps some day my weight-hate will turn into a weight romance, but that has yet to happen. Crossfit guru's, don't judge me, just pray that I will change my ways :)

 Strawberry shortcake (from Cheesecake Factory) is my ultimate weakness:

My best friend Lauren. She's an incredible photographer. 

That's all for now, folks! 

<3 Beth