Holistic Yoga Flow Teacher Training Recap

Holistic Yoga Flow Teacher Training Recap:

This weekend was, to say the least, amazing! Travis Eliot created a powerful, dynamic, and relative yoga experience that pushes the body and mind to the highest limit. I knew a little bit about him because of the popularity of his recent DVD series "The Ultimate Yogi", which comprises of 14 DVD's and is in the similar style of P90X and Insanity. "The Ultimate Yogi" is a 108-day journey that literally transforms the mind and body, and brings it to it's full potential. 

Here is a link to his website: 


 Anyways, because of all the hype that this DVD series is getting, I went into the teacher training this weekend with high expectations. I paid a lot of money for this weekend experience, and I wanted my money's worth :)

The weekend began on Friday night, at Purple Yoga in Tustin. I have to give a quick shout out to this studio, because it is my fav! It's such a beautiful space, and I have always had great instructors. About five years ago I went to a hot yoga class and passed out (who goes to a hot yoga class when fasting? Oh yeah, anorexic Beth. Good thing those days are over!), and the instructor Joe (who owns the studio) knew exactly what to do. He was super nice about the whole fiasco, and when the peramedics left he gave me two huge bottles of coconut water. yay. 

Here is a pic of a yoga class at Purple Yoga in Tustin: 

That is the room we practiced in :) 

Moving on. 

Friday night, Travis did a Vinyasa flow class that kicked my butt. Seriously. We are talking like SO many vinyasas. Not to mention holding Warrior III for 2 minutes. The Saturday morning flow was centered around twists and backbends, and it was in a vinyasa-power style so I was sweating buckets. Yin yoga in the aftternoon, and I had never done a restoritive class before, so it was very interesting. I didn't sweat at all, but the deep hip stretching felt amazing, especially after the previous crazy-intense classes. Each pose was held for a total of 3 minutes, which made the streches that much deeper and more intense. It was more difficult mentally than physically, because I have a hard time sitting still. The Sunday flow was straight up power yoga, and we held each pose for what felt like ever. My hamstrings were so sore afterwards! Sunday afternoon was a Mountain Pose series, and like the Yin yoga, it wasn't as physically difficult as it was mentally. I became super sleepy and had a difficult time concentrating on the movements. 

Travis also led a meditation class, which was also new to me. He led the meditation by asking us to think of someone in our life that needs help, or is stuck, and then he told us to essentially pray for that person during the meditation. It was so cool! I don't take enough time to pray for people (just being honest), and it was a really cool experience just sitting in one place for 30 minutes praying for this person and thinking about God. 

A few things I love about Travis' classes:

1) Physically exhausting/challenging

2) Mentally challenging

3) I feel amazing afterwards - completely worked, stretched, and relaxed

4) He utilizes hands-on adjustments

5) The way he words things makes you feel confident in your ability to complete what feels like an impossible feat

6) Never once did I feel like he was showing off

7) He genuinely cares 

Lauren Eckstrom also came to assist Travis for the workshops. She is GORGEOUS, and is so so so knowledgeable. I would seriously love to study under her if she didn't live in Santa Monica. Sad face.



He taught quite a few practicums, but my favorite was on Auyrvedic medicine. It's this whole philosophy based on natural medicine: essentially, you are what you eat, and you are what you do. Auyrvedic medicine aims to find the source of your medical issue instead of treating the symptoms. I think about the times I have been to the doctor (like when I had my knee issue after the 1/2 marathon), and they ask you what's wrong and then say, okay, well, I will write out a prescription for you...blah blah blah. Anitbiotics, pain meds, whatever you want. 

It's actually kind of scare just how easy it is to obtain pills.

I also think it's ironic how doctors will shell out medication but won't put unhealthy people on diets. I understand that you can't force people to eat a certain way, but nutrition is SUCH a huge factor when it comes to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, digestive issues, skin issues, etc. And stress has a huge impact on health as well! 

Anyways, what I love about Ayurveda is that the Ayurveda "doctor" asks you tons of questions, like what do you eat, how to do you sleep,where do you work, what shampoo do you use, what kind of car do you drive, etc, and then asks a ton of questions regarding your symptoms. They search for the root cause, and once they find out what that is they will develop a nutritional/herbal/lifestyle change that will heal the root cause of your symptoms. This type of medicine also takes time and sometimes the symptoms dont' go away immediately because the chemical/cellular structure of your body has to change in order for the root cause to be healed. 

This type of medicine really makes sense to me. I understand that medications are important and whatnot, especially if a condition is high risk (like diabetes), but treating symptoms will never make the problem disappear. For example, I have a skin condition called rosacea, and when I go to the doctor they give me antibiotics or birth control to clear my skin...but the rosacea is still there. When I stop taking the medication, the rosacea returns. 

Of course this is all to say that I am definitely buying some books on the subject so that I can learn more and more :) 

This approach to medicine kind of reminds me of Kimberly Snyder and _________ 's approach to healing diseases. Green juice, baby. Green juice. 

Random side note: I LOST MY JUICER!!! How does one lose such a large object? I have NO idea. But I am sad. At least I have an amazing blender to get me through this tough time. And it's a great blender. But still. I don't like to blend celery and cucumbers, you know?

All to say, it was an amazing weekend of yoga.
Now, all I have to do is keep practicing, and hopefully avoid smashing my nose into the ground :)

=<3 Beth

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