5 Tips to Eat Yourself Skinny!

Look Better Naked Day 3! 

Good morning!

Day 5 of the Look Better Naked challenge!   

Eat Yourself Skinny with these tips and tricks: 

1. Eat CLEAN!

Eating clean is one of the MOST important tricks to toning up! 
What is clean eating? 
Avoiding ALL processed/chemical-infused food. You can identify "unclean" food by the label! If you don't know what an ingredient means (like tripotassium phosphate), you probably shouldn't eat it

Read the label! See what you find...

And this includes many "healthy" cereals, pastas, and breads! 
So don't forget to read labels!

Eating clean consists of eating fresh produce, lean meat, 100% natural whole-grains, and some dairy (depending on how processed it is).

Meal Example:

Grilled lemon & thyme salmon with brown rice, green beans, and asparagus

While eating clean, great substitute for sugar is setvia, trulia, or agave nectar. These sweeteners don't spike your insulin levels! 

2. Graze!

Eat throughout the day! This keeps your metabolism revved and working all day long, so you can effectively burn MORE calories while you are sitting! 
Snack on Superfoods like: 

Veggies & Hummus

Snack Option:

(Cucumbers with spicy dijon mustard)

(Celery with tomato-pesto hummus)

For meals, think protein and fiber. These will keep you full!
 Fresh whole beans are a perfect example of an all-natural food that has BOTH protein and fiber! They keep you super full! And remember...the darker the bean, the more nutrients it contains (if it hasn't been processed). 

If you find yourself super hungry and don't know what to do because you feel like you are going to binge

Go for a glass of non-fat organic milk! Milk kinda grosses me out, but it has protein, sugar, and natural fat that will hold you over until you get home. I keep a carton for myself at work in case of emergencies!  

3. Drink TONS of Water Along with Green/White Tea!

 Water is SO SO SO SO important. Drink it all day every day! Drink water even when you are not thirsty! I carry a 33 oz water bottle and try to re-fill it three times a day!

Green and White teas are FILLED with antioxidants! If you aren't into caffeine, buy the decaffeinated version. Caffeine can, however, help in giving your metabolism an extra boost that will help you burn more calories! A good time for caffeine is when you first wake up (with breakfast), and before a work out. Just be careful! No one wants to be a slave to an addiction (I say this as a caffeine addict myself :) )

4. Mix Cardio WITH Strength-training!

I am NOT a certified personal trainer, nor do I know everything about exercise. However, I do know what works for me. 

Mixing cardio with strength training gives ME the best results for my body. 

This means doing a cardio session before a strength workout, or interchanging them throughout a workout. 

Example 1: 
30 minutes of running
30 minutes of Pilates (my favorite form of strength training)

Example 2:
Run for 10 minutes
Lift for 10 minutes
Run for 10 minutes
Pilates for 10 minutes
Run for 10 minutes

 If you are JUST starting out, do not exceed what your body is capable of. Ease into harder workouts as you progress!
If you are active and work out all the time, PUSH YOURSELF! You can always run faster, stretch deeper, and train harder. 

5. Don't Compare

 This may be the hardest trick of all! Be the best YOU can be. There is a difference between being inspired and being insecure in comparing yourself to others.

Hope these little tricks help you today! 


  1. Nice post! Just found your blog, love it!

  2. Question...from everything I have read, they are saying that whole milk is the way to go...?????