How I (almost) Survived the Youth All Nighter

As Joel is the youth pastor at our church, I get to participate in all of the fun events - well not just cause he's the pastor, but because I love high school students almost as much as I love red velvet ice cream (if that sounds bad/offensive, go buy some blue bunny brand red velvet ice cream, taste ONE spoonful, and then see if you can put it back in the freezer. I guarantee that you will not be able to put it in the freezer and you will eat the entire carton before you know what hit you.)


The all-nighter consisted of a few activities: 

Scavenger hunt (picture/video/item): This consisted of taking four crazy/awesome h/s girls and competing to see who could win the most points by checking off as many items on the list as humanly possible. 

And we were a very competitive bunch, so when our team lost by 7 points, believe me, we wanted to shed some blood (figuratively speaking of course). 

Broom ball: a game that involves a bunch of small soccer-like balls and hockey/broom sticks, sneakers, and ice rink, and two goals. This is like the ultimate youth game. Especially when it was the 100 youth kids against like 17 leaders. 

Victoria, me, and Michelle were the goalies. 

We were slaughtered, to say the least. When you have like a million high school boys hitting/punching/pushing their way through you to the net, there is a lot of falling/bruising/yelling going on, and let me just say that I got THE MOST INTENSE WORKOUT OF MY LIFE as the broom-ball goalie. 

Do you know how DIFFICULT it is to not slip on the ice, let alone run/fight against ravaging teenagers? 

 The rest of the night included random games/fun times. 

(Joel loves scaring teenage boys with the megaphone)

There was also a huge bounce house thing that people were on until FIVE in the morning. 

Let's just say, around three, this is what happened to me:

I justify falling asleep during my leader duties because I had to wake up at 8 to be back at the church to teach a pilates/yoga class. 

Hence: How I Almost Survived The Youth All-Nighter. 

<3 Beth

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