St. Pattis Day and How to Stay Healthy on a Business Trip

Okay, so this post will be completely random and weird cause I'm posting from my iPhone. Just FYI.

I tried to honor St. Patrick today, but the best I could come up with was a green necklace...

On another note, as you can see on the picture my hotel dresser is loaded with organic apples, canned unsalted green beans, coconut water, and tuna in water. Not pictured is a bag of almonds, some
Bananas, and some oranges.

All to say, it is HARD to stay healthy when traveling and eating out!!! I stick to veggies and chicken for restaurant dinners and I'm eating what you see on my counter for breakfasts/lunches.

Although I might have snuck in a caramel macchiato somewhere in there ;)

I hope your St Pattis Day is the best ever!!

<3 Beth


  1. All that counts is your trying!! Some won't do that.

  2. Definitely can be very hard to be good when travellinh sometimes you've just got to do your best