I Lifted Weights!!!

Breakfast this morning: 

It has been a crazy week! Luckily, I have been able to be very consistent with my nutrition and training schedule to fit into my bridesmaid dress on March 22...only a half inch in my chest/ back to go!

On another note...I LOVE that Jamba Juice gives out Competitor Magazine for free!! It is such an inspiring read. Next time you are getting some juice (remember to stay away from the sugar infested smoothies!!) grab a copy of this mag...it might motivate you to sign up for a race!

There is a really great article in the current issue about race training for speed.

Dinner Last night: 

Eggs, Tomato & Mango salsa, bell peppers, steamed asparagus, 1/2 avocado

My Breakfasts and Lunches have been looking like this lately: 
Hard boiled eggs, salsa, celery, chicken, fruit, avocado. 


I took a Body Pump class last night and finally tried weight training! 

I liked it except I wished there was more of a focus on abs/butt isolation...I'm also not that sore, which shows that maybe I didn't lift heavy enough? I don't want my arms to get too buff! Everyone tells me that my arms won't get buff by lifting heavy, but my arms are already pretty toned/buff and I don't lift at all!

I am going to try another class tonight and see if lifting heavier makes a difference. You would think after doing 150 (or more?) squats my legs/ butt would be sore...but no. 

I am going sign off and devour a bag of fruit.


<3 Beth


  1. Your lunch/breakfast looks similar to mine in relation to all the containers involved. I've always got about 3-4 containers of things I need to take with me to prepare both meals at work but its always worth it :)

  2. That's what my refrigerator looks like lol lots of plastic containers for the weeks food. I've never seen that magazine, looks like it's a good one!

  3. Yeah you should totally check it out! Do you have a Jamba Juice close by??? They should have it there! Competitor also has an amazing website with a ton of training/nutrition/race schedule information.

  4. yay for lifting weights! we agree you won't get overly buff by lifting heavy ;) keep up the great work!

  5. If you aren't sore from Body Pump I def bet you need to go heavier. That class is a butt kicker, but it is really hard to figure out how heavy to go the first time. I still struggle with how much to lift in a class.