Paleo Day #3

Okay, so I have endured three straight days without coffee, sugar, gluten, beans, and all the other stuff I can't eat. 

I feel AWFUL. Tired, headache, did I mention tired, and grumpy?

Before the last three days, I didn't know I was addicted to iky food (since I am a pretty healthy eater), but I guess I am, because my body is RETALIATING LIKE A *****. (I don't cuss, so the stars will have to suffice in expressing my frustration. lol).

Anywho - last night's dinner was actually breakfast...I made a two egg omelet for myself, and a four-egg omelet for Joel. It tasted incredible and kept me full all night long, which is crazy because I am like always hungry. 

I was probably full all night because this omelet had a large amount of protein and monounsaturated fat (yum). 

Anyways, if you are looking for a breakfast (or dinner, I guess) that will keep you full until one or two pm, this omelet is your answer. 


Eggs (however many you prefer - if you're not too hungry, stick with 2)
Bell Pepper
Chile Powder
Lime Juice
Polska Kielbasa (grass fed!)
Coconut Oil (1/2 tsp. per omelet)


Heat medium skillet and throw in cubed Polska Kielbasa along with the chopped onions.
 Let it simmer. 
 Cut up your tomatoes, avocado, and bell peppers. 
Mix the Polska around with the onions. It will start to smell insanely amazing.
Add pepper to the polska
Take your eggs and crack them into a bowl.
Whisk the eggs until they are the same consistency.
Add paprika, chile powder, pepper, and lime juice to the eggs, to taste (aka however much you want).
Add the bell peppers and mushrooms to the Polska mixture. Let it simmer, until the Polska is finished cooking.

Heat a smaller skillet, and add 1/2 tsp of coconut oil. 
Swirl that good stuff around until you have the pan nice and coated. 
Pour the egg mixture into the skillet. When it is 3/4 of the way cooked, flip the omelet over.

Wait like three seconds. 
Flip the omelet onto a plate, and add the polska and veggie mixture on top of it. 
Sprinkle with the tomato and avocado. 
Add more chili pepper/chili flakes if you like it sizzlin spicy like I do. 
Enjoy to your heart's content, and relish in the fact that you won't be hungry for a looooong time. 

Have a great weekend! 

<3 Beth


  1. Ok. So I'm reading your explanation of this very difficult style of eating. It does sound very healthy, but I have a question. Coming from a Biblical viewpoint, is there really a prehistoric, peleolithic, caveman period historically? I know that's what they teach in school, but the kids and I have been studying creation science and have taken a "young earth" view. As I said, I'm just curious about your take on it. It sounds very healthy, though quite impossible for me as I have no self discipline : )

    1. I personally believe that the earth is very, very old. I do not think there is enough Biblical proof to say that the earth is only 7000 years old. Just my personal opinion after researching the subject on my own :)

  2. just found your blog!! love it! i eat paleo, i personally love it lol i feel so much better this way (and my fave cleared up a bunch :D), hope it's still going well for you!!