Los Angeles Half Marathon Recap!!!

Hola mi amigos!!!

The Los Angeles Rock N Roll Marathon was YESTERDAY, and I must say that I can't believe it came and went so quickly...all of that training leads up to three hours of non-stop excitement (and PAIN) and then it is over (sadface). 


 Danica and I arrived in L.A. around 3:30 pm on Saturday. We rushed to our hotel, checked in, and walked the .8 miles to the expo at the L.A. Convention Center. 

It was pretty standard: 

After getting our bags filled with fun samples of things like peanut butter GU and muscle relief gels, we headed to Yard House to grab some grub. 


(Above: the delicious Ahi Tuna Sandwich on Rye, with good 'ole french fries. Can't go wrong, my friends.)

(Above: This green iced tea is amazing! It is infused with Jasmine. yum.)

We went back to our hotel right after dinner, watched some TMZ, and fell asleep. 

In the wee hours of the morning, I woke to this: 

I did about 30 minutes of yoga to warm up, woke Danica, changed, ate a Cliff Bar, drank some Mamma Chia, and we were off!!!

Pre-race was pretty exciting: 

Lots and lots of people!!!!

(Our shoe trackers)

And at 7:52, we started running! 

 I have to say, one of the best things about this Half Marathon was that it was Halloween themed! I saw some pretty crazy/cute/scary/disturbing costumes. 

One of my favorite: 

I also loved the cute cheerleaders: 

At mile 3, we toured the USC Colosseum : 


Around mile 6, my right knee started to HURT...like burning, awful, crazy hurt, but I pushed through until mile 8 when I couldn't take it anymore. I walked mile 8, and started running again at mile 9. 

If you are injured, and are determined to push through a race no matter how awful it gets, DON'T STOP RUNNING, because when you start to run again, it hurts 10X MORE!!!!!

(This is my "I'm happy cause I'm running but what the blankitee blank did I get myself into!!??" face. )


Mile 9 brought on the dreaded hill: 

And after mile 9, my knees were not only in pain, but my HIPS started to hurt too! 

I cannot tell you how disappointing it was.

Oh, well. 

I walked miles 10 and 11, then ran 12-13. 

That mile marker was such a beautiful thing to behold. Ha. 

I crossed the finish line in 2:46...my goal was 2:15, but I blame that on my walking 3 of the 13.1 miles. 

Overall, it was a fun race, but let's be honest, Los Angeles is not a pretty city, and it was 86 degrees outside, and my knees were on fire for 7 of those miles, so it wasn't exactly as FUN as I had expected/daydreamed about. 

I met up with Danica after I crossed the finish line, and found out that she ran it in 2:10! GOOOOO DANICA!!

We camped out at L.A. Live for about an hour, resting our exhausted knees/shins/hips/feet. 


And then headed over to California Pizza Kitchen for some much needed FOOD!!

(This pear and Gorgonzola pizza hit the spot!)

All I can say, is that I am GLAD IT IS OVER!!!

(here is a lovely, beautiful, sweaty post-race picture for you)

Now, it's time to go to the doctor and RELAX!!! 

<3 Beth


  1. Also glad you're blogging again, Beth. Good for you completing the half marathon! You should be very proud! (I am)

  2. Good job, Beth! I enjoyed reading the details of your day...thanks for sharing! I would say it sounds like fun, but it doesn't :-) ha ha!

    Love you lots,